Create a List-Growing Lead Magnet

AND the Assets to Promote it - In Just 15 Minutes!

Say goodbye to juggling countless apps and tools. Instead, harness the power of human-created templates combined with magical AI automations!!

It’s your “Digital- Business in a Box”, without any of the tech!

Tired of struggling to create all the things your business needs?? Let us help!!

It’s Made-For-You Digital Products

Your lead magnet, custom planner, a course workbook, a digital journal, a set of cheat sheets...

you name it, you’ve got it! With hundreds of templates your digital product is ready to hit “publish”.

Yup!! We are on a mission to be your new business bestie!!

Gain Leads AND Sales... With the Latest AI Platform!!

We will create your digital product AND the website, ads & emails FOR YOU!

No Expensive Writers/Designers

Our templates come with the copy already written!! All you need to do is edit and then click publish!

And it's all fully editable. Update colors, wording, etc!

Before I used template packs BUT I had to write the copy and create my ads!! It saves me time & money

~ Rachel

Without Duct-Taped Software

Either you spend an arm and a leg for an “expert” or cobble together templates. Either way it’s broken.

With Bizzy your tech is all set up for you!

My sales page worked the first time! It was magic!

I had tried building them myself before!!

~ Holly

No Limits To Resell Rights!!

Have full-commercial resale rights as long as you’re in our program! You can sell as much as you want.

Your product is YOURS!

I just got 243 leads!! Over the weekend. I made my product in like 15 minutes, last Thursday!!

~ David

Creating digital products AND the website to promote them

shouldn't take days, weeks or even months!

Make Your Planner, Workbook Or Journal In Minutes!


Grab Your Done-For-You Digital Templates

We have prewritten and EDITABLE templates, with hundreds of products and pages for you to choose from - for dozens of niches!

Unlike purchasing packaged templates, we have no use restrictions as long as you are a member!

  • 100s of Prewritten Product Templates, written with AI tools (Chat & Bard)

  • ​Customize your Planner, Workbook or Journal & make it YOURS in SECONDS!

  • ​Don't wonder what to say, our templates have pre-written content!

  • ​Professionally designed, so everything looks great together!


Start Promoting Your Product

We will set up the tech for you, from writing the copy, to designing the page, making sure the emails and ads are ready and waiting for you!!

Your Digital Product will match your sales page! No more struggling hooking up all the tech!

  • Your Website to promote the product is designed and written for you!

  • ​Your Emails to both sell AND deliver your product are ready to publish.

  • ​Get your Ads, Social media posts and Blog posts - instantly!

  • ​Start earning in minutes as we have all of your tech set up.


Scale Your Business With Unlimited Commercial Rights

You can monetize it in minutes. Turn your hard-won web traffic into more leads and sales... and do it again and again

  • Unlimited Edits. No change fees, EVER!

  • Sell to 1 person or 100! Or even 100,000,000!! Or even give it away for free.

  • ​No sales limitations as long as you are a member!

  • ​Create 1 product, or 5! We'll EVEN create your ads and emails for you!

Don't Just Believe US!!

Imagine Sitting Down And Creating Your Digital Product AND Website

AND Ads In 15 Minutes! It’s almost too good to be true!

~ Holly Homer, Kids Activities Blog

Founder Introductory Price

Get locked in at the lowest founder pricing rates. Cancel your membership at anytime.



This is a recurring membership

The perfect way to start your Digital-Business-in-a-box with Bizzy. You can create your first digital product in 15 minutes or less!

  • Access 100+ Digital Product Template Library

  • ​Unlimited Edits & Customizations

  • Unlimited Done-for-you Digital Products

  • Unlimited Product Websites Written For You

  • Hosting of Your Product Websites

  • ​Promotion “Kit” for Social Media (Ads, Emails, etc.)

  • ​FULL Commercial Resell Rights

Your access will be available in early 2023.

Welcome to the WAITLIST

We only accepted a couple hundred founders... sorry!! If another seat opens we will let you know



We send out invitations to businesses to join us regularly!! Get onto our waitlist and stay peeled to your inbox for your invitation to be our next founding member.

What is included in your membership??

  • Access 100+ Digital Product Template Library

  • ​Unlimited Edits & Customizations

  • Unlimited Done-for-you Digital Products

  • Unlimited Product Websites Written For You

  • Hosting of Your Product Websites

  • ​Promotion “Kit” for Social Media (Ads, Emails, etc.)

  • ​FULL Commercial Resell Rights

Pricing Plans For Every Size

Choose the option that’s right for you. Cancel your subscription anytime.



if you pay annually

regularly $27 a month

The perfect way to start your Digital-Business-in-a-box with Bizzy. You can create your first digital product in 15 minutes or less!

  • Access 100+ Digital Product Template Library

  • ​Unlimited Edits & Customizations

  • ​10 Done-for-you Digital Products

  • Product Websites Written For You

  • Hosting of Your Product Websites

  • ​Promotion “Kit” for Social Media (Ads, Emails, etc.)

  • ​FULL Commercial Resell Rights



if you pay annually

regularly $47 a month

For the businesses that are growing! This is for companies who want more product options and access to support & trainings for growth.

  • EVERYTHING in the Starter Plan

  • Unlimited Sales Pages

  • Unlimited Digital Products

  • ​Unlimited Lead Generation and Sales Potential

  • Unlimited Blog Posts & Course Lessons

  • ​Access to Private Training Classes

  • ​Priority Support


Our platform is still in BETA!! That means BONUSES as you are an early adopter!!


Instant Access to the Bizzy Copyshop!

You do NOT need to collect and daisy chain "a hundred prompts".

You don't need to be an AI "expert" or take a course to get relevant content you can use!

Our AI engine is INSANE! You can use it to write ads, emails, blog posts, lessons for courses, video scripts, and MORE!

Valued = $1500


Complimentary Sales Page Hosting!!

You do NOT need to pay an arm and a leg for fancy hosting. As long as you create your product in our dashboard we will host it for you, at no additional charge!!

We will even hook up your payment processor and connect your delivery email so that your clients are taken care of!!

Valued = $97 a month


Community Support and Onboarding!

We have an ACTIVE group with Office Hours multiple times a week!!

you can hop on with us and we will walk you through the product set-up and make sure you are able to not just create your digital assets but also help you strategize how to grow and earn even more with the Bizzy suite of tools.

Value = Priceless!



We have helped over 27000 businesses grow their audiences so they can grow

their revenue AND their impact using the Social System and Moolah!!

This training IS YOUR as our bonus for being a part of Bizzy!! We are including that inside the Knowledge Base!!



Still have a question??

How Do I Know Bizzy Is Right For Me??

Our Bizzy Membership was created for the course creator, the blogger, the influencer, the podcaster - the people who have a following, who you know that you can create solutions for them - But you are stuck on the details.

Maybe you aren't a graphics designer, maybe your tech skills are non-existent, maybe you are just out of time and are looking for a done-for-you solution. We will create your products, website and email/ads, FOR YOU!! So you can focus on other parts of your business and life.

Is The Membership Worth The Cost?

If you sell three products a month you are already making a profit!! And you made that profit with 15 minutes of effort. Our goal for you is that you will sell far more and that you will see your life changed, and your customers lives changed, because of the power of digital products!

Will My Fees Go Up In The Future?

They might. For now, the price that you signed up with is the recurring fee that you are paying. We KNOW that our product is priced low and as we grow we will be increasing the fees for new members.

What Niches Do You Serve So Far?

We serve over 3 dozen niches including:

Business, life coaching, wellness, kids and parenting, meal planning, nutrition, goal setting, pets, travel, productivity, budgeting, faith & devotions, decluttering, organization, calendars, fitness, homeschooling, habit tracking, crafting & creativity, teaching, empowerment, weight loss... and MORE

If we don't have your niche, tell us and we will work towards adding it too!!

If your niche is VERY obscure and we don't have pre-created content for you, you can still use the templates and adapt them to fit your business and your brand. Just pick the next closest thing, you won't have to start from scratch!

When Do You Release New Products And Templates?

We know that you are a growing business and you need new options and ideas to promote your business, blogs, to grow lists from your Tik-Tok followers, etc!! Every single month we are adding new batches and templates for you to pick from. We will also refresh your social promotion packs regularly! If you have a request for something specific let us know!! We will work to include it!

What Are Your Licensing Terms?

If you are a Bizzy member, we create your product for you... It's yours to sell, give away, put into a course or a digital hoard! You can make it for yourself, for your own business or even for your clients!

What can you not do? Distribute the product or use any sales pages or promotional assets we create for you if you are no longer a member. You also are not able to create your own platform using our products or derivatives of them. For our full terms, please read them here .

How do you process payments from our customers?

Bizzy integrates with Stripe and accepts payments from your customers on your behalf. We do not take a percentage of the payment, all funds go straight to your account. We may add additional payment processors in the future. If you have a strong preference email us and we will add your processor to our list of possibilities. For now, Stripe is very stable and has worked well for us.

What can I edit (or not edit) in the product I am making?

You can edit the wording, you can edit the colors, you can edit the font styles, you can change your covers, you can change the pages or order of the pages...

What you can't do at this time is upload your own photos or designs into the PDFs, other than in the "about me" pages. We are doing that to protect all of the customers from having your sales "flagged" with copywrite violations. As we grow we hope that we will work out a system so you can add your own content into the products.

Can I edit this in another platform after I make it?

Nope. We do not integrate with Canva or any other graphics design platform. The products we are creating are PDFs. The PDFs we hope to be editable with adobe acrobat or advanced PDF editors, but no promises as we are not designing them with that intention. You are welcome to use these as inspiration and rebuild your products in Canva or in another funnel software. As long as you are a member you have unlimited resell rights, even on other platforms.

Do you have custom domains?

Sorry, not at this time. We hope to offer custom domain options in the future. For now, you are able to create a website using a subdomain on our platform... OR you can use the website created in Bizzy as a "template" of sorts to give to your design team and have them recreate it on your existing tech stack.

Our guarantee: Your product will be made in minutes, or your money back!

Turn Traffic Into Sales With The Best Digital Product Membership!!

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